In medical and scientific field is critical that anatomical parts are depicted in a clear and explanatory way!

Using the innovative graphic techniques, combined with the tradition of anatomical design, I create medical illustrations, anatomical drawings and surgical technique illustrations in support of scientific communication.

Each volume, specialist journal and multimedia presentation, where the photographs do not clearly explain the concept, need drawings and illustrations to improve understanding.

Therefore, entrust yourself to a professional in the sector, who works directly without intermediaries, respecting delivery times and urgencies with professionalism and experience.

Thank to my preparation and long experience in the medical industry I create:

Anatomical Drawings

Anatomy and pathological anatomy illustrations.

Surgical Technique Drawings

Explanatory illustrations of techniques in the various fields of surgery.

Scientific Communication

Creation of posters, brochures and educational material for bio-medical communication.

Some Illustrations

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Reviews of doctors about my work

I have worked and work with Ilaria and I must say that she is not only very good as an illustrator but also provides a punctual, precise and, perhaps more importantly, service that puts commitment and passion into it.

His images are truly beautiful and have received unanimous approval. I can only advise Ilaria and suggest that Italian talent be exploited as much as possible.

Matteo MantovaniNCS-Company CEO and R&D director

The collaboration with Ilaria arises from the need to create monographs and specialized books on topics of pathology and surgical technique, which could offer a timely and clear description of the delicate operational steps.

The work lived, step by step, in close and profitable synergy and Ilaria’s peculiar ability to understand the complex surgical times, thanks also to the remarkable knowledge of human anatomy, allowed to produce illustrations of remarkable clarity and, above all, great technical value, resulting ultimately an added value of the work produced.

Dott. Manuel GiofrèDipartimento di Scienze Chirurgiche Università “La Sapienza” Policlinico Umberto I

Excellent competence and quick implementation of the project.

Fully satisfied with the final result.

Dott. Antonio TrichiniMedico Chirurgo Specialista in Otorinolaringoiatria.

Ilaria offers a punctual and precise service, optimally following all the indications even in particularly technical and specialized fields such as the illustration in orthodontics.

Dott. Ivan GazzolaSpecialista in Ortodonzia

We have chosen to hire a talented anatomical designer, Ilaria Bondi, who has taken care with great precision and punctuality of the remaking of the “technical” illustrations and diagrams: the result, which you will surely appreciate, was of a remarkable quality, consistency and cleanliness .

Dott. Mauro MenariniUnità Operativa di Riabilitazione Intensiva - Unità Spinale dell’Ospedale "Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria" di Negrar

Ilaria and I have been collaborating for years. We have never seen each other, but Ilaria manages to do the anatomical drawings as I need them. We understand each other by drawings. I send mine and she answers me with her own.

I advise you to contact her if you need to.

Dott.ssa Grazia SalimbeniSpecialista in Chirurgia Plastica, Specialista in Chirurgia della Mano, Chirurgia della Paralisi Faciale

Ms Bondi has realized the anatomical illustrations for my website. 

I would highly recommend her not only for her outstanding skills in this very technical field but also for her reliability, her team spirit and her energy.

Prof. Giuseppe GizziProfessore Associato di Gastroenterologia presso l’Università degli studi di Bologna

Working with Ilaria was fantastic both for the concordance of intent between the draft of the design and its graphic realization, and for the result in an elegant style and, just as I wanted, uniform.

I must also add that sometimes the result amazed me enough to encourage me to design even more original designs with her.

Dott. Alfonso Pluchinotta

I used the graphic skills of Ilaria for scientific publications and I was really impressed by the skill, speed and precision!
A professional of great seriousness and competence.

Dott. Andrea MontaltoDir Med U.O. Cardiochirugia Ospedale San Camillo - Roma

I had the pleasure to cooperate with Ilaria Bondi for a neuroanatomical paper.

She offered to us all her talent and commitment, working during the week-end and supporting us during the short time of the revision process. She is a gifted hand and humble artist. We will certainly continue our cooperation.

Thank you Ilaria for sharing with the scientific community your talent and passion for the anatomical drawings.

Art, talent and science all together in a beautiful person.

Dott. Giuseppe Emmanuele umanaMD, MSc, AACS - Founding member & south Europe regional commiitee at The Holomedicine Association presso The Holomedicine Association

Ilaria is a great professional and a kind person. She is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer, also a dedication person who gets involved in your project and uses her talents to enhance manuscripts and publications to another level.

My experience with her work has been wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great specialized graphic artist. Her knowledge and experience in medical illustrations can help improve the quality and professionalism of your research and manuscripts.

Thanks Ilaria for your kindness, dedication and effort, I’m looking forward to working in future projects.

Dott. Carlos YánezEmbajador Stop the Bleed at American College of Surgeons

Do you have a project to carry out? Contact me!

I will be pleased to put at your disposal all my experience and professionalism in the field of anatomical illustration.
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